If You Don’t Know Where To Start...
Just. Start. Here.
You’re a healer but you’ve got no clients to heal... 
Building a business is proving to be harder than you thought 
and your amazing gifts are going to waste 
while you spin your wheels trying to figure it all out.
You’re a wellness professional but your lack of business savvy 
stands between you and a thriving practice...
You just want to help and heal, but at this point, 
you feel like you need a Masters In Business just to get started. 
All that frustration and doubt? 
Kiss it goodbye right now.
Are you ready to get on with the business stuff 
so you can move on to the healing stuff?
(Yes? Good, because I saved you a spot.)
has your name written all over it.
Charging Too Little, Working Too Much & Turned Off By ‘Selling’?
Congratulations! You’ve got problems that are easy to fix and there’s a clear path to a much brighter outcome. I’m talking BIG things like more clients, more money, and more time, but even better… serenity, security, peace of mind, confidence, and faith that it’s all going to be OK. 
Let’s get you on the right track with a program that’ll help you master allllllll of that business stuff that gets your stomach tied in a knot and keeps you up at night with crushing anxiety. 
So? What’s The Problem?
You’re an amazing healer - you know it and I know it, but the rest of the world… they don’t know it because you, as a wellness professional, are not yet visible. If they don’t know you exist, you’ll never book them. Sad face, right?
But selling your services and making yourself visible makes you feel awkward, sales-y, and quite frankly, a little bit sleazy.
As someone who’s been right where you are, I can practically feel your pain from a mile away. It hurts to be stifled and held back by circumstances that feel so far out of your control. 

All of the ‘businessy’ things you’re struggling to learn (including learning to sell with ease - not sleaze)...my program Scale Your Sales in Wellness ends that right now. No more anxiety, no more floundering, and no more second guessing. You can do this.

Look how far you’ve come! You’re a healer - you’ve studied the theory, you’ve mastered the skills, and you’re ready to implement what you know. All of this business stuff? It’s not your thing, but you’re starting to understand that if you don’t make it your thing, you’re gonna sink. 

So… What will you do? My suggestion? Start swimming. 

Most of you know me - I’m Michelle...
A biz savvy healer for healers who can support you through those unnatural elements of entrepreneurship as you set up shop and let loose your gifts on a world in dire need of your help.
Let’s dig into the sticky stuff that has you stuck… Real talk, y’all.
  •  You’re starting a business but don’t know where to start or what steps to take first
  •  You’re overwhelmed - trying to manage business-related tasks is daunting and annoying
  •  You’re exhausted - working simultaneously IN your biz and ON your biz is just too much
  •  You’re frustrated and finding it difficult to be consistent with marketing efforts
  •  You’re out of answers but you know you need a plan to bring in leads and make money
Stop spinning. Just because you’re a healer doesn’t mean you’re exempt from needing some healing of your own. This stuff is hard and it sure as hell isn’t intuitive. Like I said - these parts and pieces of being a wellness entrepreneur - they’re unnatural to most of us.

But what’s at stake if you don’t get some help? You’re likely to burn out fast, never to experience a thriving practice that allows you to share your gifts with the world and build the life you’ve worked so hard for.

Bleak, right? I see you sinking into the dreaded spiral of hopelessness, but hang on! 
What if you could solve ALL of these problems and you didn’t have to do anything but take one itty-bitty action? 
Curious? Good, because you deserve a break and here it comes...

Are you ready for the truth? I think you are...

But first, I’ll have you pause. Now breathe. Let the fear fall away so the truth stands unveiled and harmless, nothing more than a piece of benign information…

The truth is this: you lack knowledge. 
That’s it. That’s all that’s holding you back. You’re not a failure, you’re not inept, and you’re not about to give up on your dream. 

Now take another breath and forget about sales and marketing for a minute - put the business stuff aside. Make your solution as easy as clicking a button and knowing beyond a doubt that in return, you’ll get exactly what you need from what comes next. 

Scale Your Sales in Wellness will teach you EVERYTHING you need to start, grow, and manage your business. It won’t be long before you’re making money by booking clients with ease in an authentic way that feels natural to you. All you have to do is follow directions, do the work, and click a button.

Make the Decision Today to Build Your Dream Practice!

From 1-2 new clients per month to 1-2 new clients per week

“Before working with Michelle my stream of new clients was at 1-2 per month and I was feeling scared, not good enough…like a failure. And I didn’t know what to do. I felt stuck. I didn’t know how to bring in new business. After working with Michelle, I now consistently have 1-2 new clients per week. I feel much more confident. I know I have the tools to drum up more business."

She really gets it, because she's been in your shoes

“Michelle delivers the perfect balance between personal examples and easy to digest business tips, making it simple to transform advice into action for YOU in your biz. She provides her content with clarity and authority and you quickly realize she not only knows what she’s talking about but also that she really gets it, because she has been in your shoes too.”

She refuses to let me play small

"Michelle refuses (under any circumstance) to let me hide from myself and play small. She pushes me hard to rise to occasion. This is hard, demanding work that is not easy and DANG if I am not deeply grateful for the pushing when I am done because I have learned more about myself and I have a great result! When you have someone like that in your corner you really can’t go wrong."
If you think it sounds too good to be true, read on. There’s no magic, woo-woo, or sorcery at play - just principles, processes, and systems that when put to use as instructed… let’s just say you won’t quite believe it when your schedule starts to fill up and your bank account gets fatter and fatter.
8 weeks packed with tools and strategy
Weekly video modules
Done-for-you scripts & swipe templates
Over $3,000 in bonuses
As a wellness practitioner, you know that different symptoms call for different modalities of treatment, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ in treating someone’s health. The same goes for how we approach your wellness biz - I’ve designed 8 modules to address your situation in a holistic way, ensuring fast results and dramatic transformations. 
The Building Blocks Of Your Biz
Let’s talk big picture, shall we? Sales and mindset, arguably the 2 most important factors for new entrepreneurs, are often neglected by wellness professionals because we’re so focused on wanting to practice our gifts. Learn the basics to build a thriving and sustainable practice and you’ll always have tools to keep your momentum. Sell, baby, sell.
  •  Understand the ins and outs of effective selling 
  •  Learn what a wellness business sales process should look like, both online and offline
  •  Seamlessly transition leads from prospects to loyal customers
  •  Build a referral-based practice that requires little to no marketing
  •  Master your mindset and catapult your confidence
  •  Overcome the feelings of inadequacy that jeopardize all of your hard work
  •  Overcome the fear of visibility
  •  Reverse-engineer your dream business
  •  Identify what fuels you and what depletes you
Who Do You Serve & How To Stand Out
If you want a bustling business, it’s simply not enough to be an amazing practitioner and as you know, you can’t be everything to everyone. When you get specific and target a market full of people who need and want the outcome you’re offering up, your schedule will fill up faster than you can say plantar fasciitis.
  • Create a business around serve those who energize you
  •  Find your niche and position yourself by selling outcomes, not services
  •  Nail down your target market and unravel your ideal client
  •  Discover and capitalize on what makes you unique 
  •  Do what lights you up, day in and day out
Market Research & Conducting Interviews 
Getting in the heads of your target market and ideal clients will strengthen your craft and help you book the right clients. Collect the data, interpret your results, and understand how to use it to your advantage in your sales process. It’s like you’re reading their minds!
  • Learn the most effective 3 ways to conduct market research
  •  Understand how to interpret your data
  •  Use helpful tips and tricks for conducting client interviews with ease
  •  Get done-for-you templates for the interview process
Who You Are In Relation To Your Clients
Strong, consistent, and concise messaging across all of your platforms is a must when you’re building credibility. When you know who you are and exactly who you serve, your clients will intuitively trust you which translates to more bookings, more money, and a rich practice. #somuchyes
  • Craft a laser-focused elevator pitch that builds trust and wins clients
  •  Speak to your clients powerfully by understanding their pain points
  •  Learn how to speak with solution-oriented messaging by fully understanding your client's struggles, desires, and issues
  •  Close the sale without feeling sales-y or slimy by asking the right questions and following a customizable system that feels good to you
Wrap Your Services Up In An Irresistible Bow
Pricing your services and packaging them in a way that’s right for you can be overwhelming and confusing. Get clear on your goals and form a strategy that’ll get you where you want to be. It’s easier than you think.
  • Set your prices with confidence and mindfulness by working backwards from your goal
  •  Package your services based on proven examples designed to reach your income goals
  •  Understand why discounts are a slippery slope
  •  Harness the power of free consultations and use them to your best advantage
Finding Leads & Turning Them Into Clients
It’s one thing to learn the skills you need to become a kickass practitioner, but it’s a whole other thing to find and book your first clients. Use these simple and proven systems to find leads and turn them into paying clients. They’ll love you! They really will.
  • Generate leads immediately in your business and at no cost to you
  •  Start simple and delve into your existing network for leads, referrals, and clients
  •  Learn the tricks to following up without being pushy or sales-y
  •  Manage your leads by creating a pipeline that does the work for you
  •  Explore networking 101 and find out how to leverage your best qualities 
  •  Get my proven sales scripts
Selling Isn’t Slimy; It’s Serving!
So many of us in the wellness industry sell ourselves short because we’re scared to sell, but the the truth is, we just haven’t learned how to do it in a way that feels good and authentic. The good news is, you can totally do this without feeling yucky, icky, or anxious. Pinky swear.
  • Take control and tailor the sales process to each potential client
  •  Reframe the sales conversation so that both you and your clients are instantly put at ease
  •  Harness the power of mindset as you implement the sales systems you’ve learned and navigate the process with each individual client
  •  Practice and master the basic elements of a successful sales conversion and watch leads turn to clients with ease and speed
Congratulations! What Now?
The thrill of booking your first few clients is something you’ll never forget. You’ve worked hard for the sale but the work’s not done yet! Manage your clients with an organized flow that’ll keep them coming back and sending referrals your way. You’re the boss now, baby.
  • Start off on the right foot by onboarding new clients with expertise; manage expectations, set boundaries, and help the client understand how your process works
  •  Make the client feel at ease by preparing ahead of time
  •  Understand the importance of setting a treatment plan to maximize your results 
  •  Be prepared to get feedback and testimonials to help you improve, identify gaps, and offer up social proof of your credibility 
Bonus 1
Business Planning & Goal Setting Mini Course
Total Value: Over $500
During this comprehensive course, you’ll learn how to understand and evaluate the finances in your business, set goals based on your numbers, create an action plan to reach your goals in 90 day increments, and structure your time to work less and accomplish more.

Bonus 2
A vault of 5 masterclasses brought to you by guest experts on topics such as mastering your money mindset, public speaking, and more on selling without the sleaze.
Total Value: Over $2,500
Sometimes it's not the what...but WHO. Learn from the best in the industry with 5+ hours of bonus materials from Jessica Eley, Chen Yen, Lacey Sites & More!

Total cost
Or six payments of $199
  • The entire 8-week program packed with comprehensive modules, strategies & done-for-you sales templates - a $4,000 value
  • Business Planning & Goal Setting Master Class - a $500 value
  • 5+ Hours  Additional Master Classes with Industry Experts - a $2500 value
Introducing…Your Coach
I’m Michelle McGlade and getting here, to this very spot, has been a series of mini-adventures full of detours, ups and downs, and amazing experiences.

Life often has a roundabout way of getting you where you're destined to be and my journey to becoming an expert coach for wellness practitioners began when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 18 years old.

Doctors told me I’d grow out of it, but instead of sitting around and waiting for my body to heal, I took matters into my own hands and turned to alternative methods to get off all medication and heal myself. 

This experience unlocked a true passion for holistic health care and has influenced my personal and professional life from day one. 

The next 15 years found me swaying from the corporate world to the world wellness and after all of it - LOTS of education, a successful career in sales and marketing, getting degrees in massage therapy and acupuncture, and launching and growing 2 wellness clinics, I was ready to switch gears and that’s when I knew what I was truly meant to do: to heal the healer. 
That’s where my drive to help wellness practitioners build the business of their dreams comes from - my years spent building 2 successful wellness practices coupled with the personal struggles I faced… it was all in preparation to help YOU get to where YOU’RE destined to be - running a thriving and successful business, helping others achieve health, and living the life you’ve been dreaming of.

What am I really selling? Yes, I’m selling my coaching, but more than anything, I’m selling an outcome… I’m telling you right now that when you take my program and do the work, that outcome, those results… THEY’RE ALL YOURS. 

  •  The thriving wellness practice
  •  The abundant money
  •  The ability and confidence to sell amazing outcomes via your amazing services
  •  The freedom to live life on your own terms and on your own schedule
  •  The opportunity to make a great living doing the thing you love most
It’s not everyday that we get the chance to make our dreams come to fruition, and whatever your objections may be, if you’re a wellness practitioner struggling to make ends meet, drowning in frustration and overwhelm…it’s time to align yourself with your destiny and make a choice.
Short on cash and can’t afford to join? Pshaw. If you shift your mindset you’ll see that you can’t afford NOT to join. You’re leaving money on the table, you’re burning yourself out, and you’re making little to no headway. You need help and you need it now. 

Not a good time for you? Too busy? Work smarter, not harder. With my program, you’ll integrate systems and programs into your practice that save you time, make you more efficient, and bolster your productivity to maximum strength. The timing is perfect. 

Not sure if this is the right program for you? If you're a wellness practitioner that lacks clients, cash, and confidence, THIS PROGRAM IS ABSOLUTELY FOR YOU. Period. 

Don’t wait, put it off, or think on it anymore. It’s time to take action because action begets outcome and last I checked...
Failure was not an option for you
This program is for you if:
  •  You’re exhausted from putting forth maximum effort for minimum results
  •  You’re overwhelmed from working ON and In your biz
  •  You’ve lost confidence in your ability to succeed 
  •  You’re passionate and ready to do things differently
  •  You’re ready to invest your time and do the work
I won’t sugar coat it, this journey won’t be easy, but it works if you work it.
If you’re not ready to put in the time and commit to learning and implementing new techniques, systems, and strategies… this program probably isn’t for you.
I’ve been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t and I have the experience and accolades to prove it: 15 years in sales and marketing, launching and growing 2 successful wellness clinics, a BA in Economics, an MBA in Business Management, a Certified Massage Therapist, and a Masters of Acupuncture, and social proof for days… 
It’s an easy choice, and it all comes back to taking one tiny action… 
Are you ready to click a button and watch your career explode into greatness? 
Congratulations! You just made a choice that’ll change the trajectory of your business and positively impact your entire life. Well done and hell yes!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the investment?

There are two affordable options - a one-time payment of $997 or six payments of $199. 

When can I start the program?

You can begin the program immediately after enrolling.

What is your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds on digital products for the same reasons I will teach you not to discount your services. 

I can guarantee that if you show up and put in the work and apply what I teach you, you WILL triple your business during our time together.

If, during the program, you still need additional support, I would love to schedule a private coaching call with you to get you on track.

How is the program delivered?

There are 8 modules with multiple video lessons that are no more than 30 minutes each -  plus a workbook for each module to guide you through the content. 

Each module is progressive and you can move through the content at your own pace.

The content was developed with the intention of completing on module per week for 8 weeks emphasizing execution over hour and hours of training.

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